Sugarbird Recordings is een hybrid opnamestudio. Het beste vintage analoge materiaal gecombineerd met het beste digitale materiaal


At Sugarbird Recordings we are crazy about old blues, jazz, rockabilly, western swing, honky tonk, manouche, americana, motown, soul, funk, afrobeat … Over the years we have collected a heap of vintage instruments, amplifiers and recording gear in search for the sound of our favorite records from the 1920s to the 1970s. In our recording studio we make that love, knowledge and gear available for bands who are searching for a unique sound.


At Sugarbird Recordings you can record your music as if you were sitting in your own living room, without looking at the clock. Moreover, the studio is the top floor of a house that we - like one of our heroes Joe Meek - converted into a full-service recording studio.


We can mix your album analogical, digital or a mix of the 2. We have a nice mixture of vintage outboard and modern copies of legendary studio material from the 50s / 60s / 70s. Do you prefer to work "in the box" with plugins? No problem: we also have a bunch of software that perfectly emulates famous vintage hardware.


Playing your songs tight, is the first step to achieve a good result. But even then, nobody's perfect. Before we start mixing, we polish up the raw files and - if needed - fix all minor mistakes in timing and tuning.


The there's The final touch is mastering your songs. We collaborate with some excellent mastering studios. Do you have a tight budget? We also master projects digitally ourselves, with the aid of the rock-solid Izotope mastering software.



10 x Studer 961 Mic/Line (1982)

 Vortexion 4M/15 Tube pre (4 channels) (1961)

Altec 1567A Tube Pre (4 channels + 1 line) (1960)

Altec 438C Tube Vari Mu Comp/Pre (1961)


Focal Shape Twin

Avantone Mixcube

ART Headamp 6 PRO

6x Beyerdynamics DT700 PRO


Waves plugins

Softube Plugins

Voxengo Plugins

Izotope RX6 Restauration

Izotope Ozone 8 Mastering

Cubase PRO 10.5



Sennheiser MD421-N (1970) x2

Revox M3500 (70s)

STC Coles 4035 (1961)

Shure 57 (2000) x2

Harp Mic (2000)

Beyer M610 (1967)

AKG D12 (1960)

Nohype LRM1 (2014)

Turner 87 (1949)

Oktava ML16 (1968)

ADK TC-251 (2018)

Line Audio CM 3 (2015) x3

AKG P420 (2014)


Altec 1567A Tube Pre (1960)

Altec 438C Tube Vari Mu Comp (1961)

AML ezP-1A (Pultec Style EQ)

Telefunken Echomixer (Spring Reverb – 1961)

Klemt Echolette Tape Echo S (60s)

IGS Volfram Limiter (FET – double channel)

Summit Audio TLA-100A (OPTO)


Presonus Quantum 4848 AD-DA

Custom Lynx TT-96 Patchbays


MCI JH-110A 8 track (1979)

2x Revox G36 Tube (1961)


At Sugarbird Recordings we provide a large backline of vintage instruments, amplifiers and effect pedals. Ask for their availability!


2x Gibson BR-6 (1951)

Suprem Amp (60s)

Gibson EH-150 (1938)

Supro Model 34 (1940)

 Fender Quad Reverb (1977)

AER Compact 60 Acoustic

Fender Vibrolux (’70)

Oahu Tonemaster Amp (1948)

Guild 50-J (1959)

2x Ampeg Portaflex B-15 (’60)


Gibson L-7 (1947)

Gibson L-00 (1929)

Danelectro ’56 Baritone

Fender Jazzmaster (1993)

Blueridge BR-341

Martin D-28 (1970)


Lehle P-Split, Lehle 3@1, Little Lehle

2x Headway EDB-2 Preamp

EHX POG 2, K&K Pocket Preamp

EHX Cathedral, Xotic RC Booster

Digitech TR-7, Digitech Carcosa Fuzz

Lovepedal Echophonic V2

Lovepedal Babyface Tremolo

Boss TU-2, Boss DD-7 , Boss RC-20

Boss TR-2, Boss GE-7, Sam Ash Fuzzz Boxx (Clone)

T.C. Electronic Vintage Overdrive, Ernie Ball Volume Pedal

Boss DD-20, Earthquaker Effects Nightwire Tremolo

Xotic RC Booster V2



Saga SS-10 Open Back Banjo

Saga SS-10P Banjo

Kentucky KM-1000 Mandolin

Laka Concert Ukulele


Kalamazoo 6 string

Gibson EH-150 6 string  (1938)

Rickenbacker Model B

Rickenbacker Hawaiian Lapsteel

Fender Custom Double 8 (’50)

Fender Custom Triple Neck 8 (’50)

Fender Stringmaster Double 6 (’60)

The Backline Demos 

Recorded at Sugarbird Recordings


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