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Learn how to play guitar

Are you an absolute beginner, or have you been playing for a while and do you feel like you are no longer making any progress? Or maybe you just want to learn a different music style? Learning guitar at POORTER is done step by step, in a structured manner and at your own pace.

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Tailor-made lessons
Whether you take group lessons or prefer private lessons, they are tailored to your profile.

The lessons follow a clear and logical structure, with your prior knowledge, pace and learning style taken into account.

Group or Private
At POORTER you choose how you want to learn. Group lessons are preferred by those who want to play together and who want to learn from each other by exchanging tips & tricks.

In a private lesson there is more time to work on specific topics you want to learn. Click Here for more info concerning fees.

Beginners and advanced
Guitarists of all levels are welcome. Both absolute beginners and advanced, and every level in between.

Good to know: if you choose group lessons, you will always be placed in a group of people who play guitar at your level. During a trial lesson, we take a look at what level fits you best.

Structured Course
At POORTER you learn much more than just how to play some nice songs.

Through a structured series of lessons you will gain insight into your instrument and you will learn all you need to know about the techniques and music theory, necessary to master the guitar. So in the end ... you won't need a teacher ever again 😊.

Reading notes is not necessary
Don't know how to read notes? No problem. At POORTER you don't need them.

Everything is explained with easy-to-read tablature of songs you like. I bet you will learn a lot more this way?

All music styles
At POORTER you can study many different music genres ... both in group as private lessons.

Of course rock and pop are on the menu, but also roots genres such as swing jazz, manouche, blues, country and bluegrass.

Roots Academy

At POORTER you can learn to play the guitar - at all levels and in the most diverse music styles. But you can also take lessons and workshops in mandolin, banjo and ukulele. Currently, these instruments are only offered in the form of private lessons, but eventually also through workshops and as a series of group lessons. Click Here for more information!


Jan Boudrez (Welden)

“Hereby I want to to thank you for the great lessons: excellent preparation, content, form and homework. They were interesting, educational and with a nice touch on top. What really helped me a lot were the fundamentals about music theory. Enough to keep me busy for years to come! ”

Chesney Vermeulen (Eeklo)

Thank you again for the instructive lessons! A second edition of the Blues workshop would be great! (…) ”

Stephan Kieboom (Zeeland)

“Thank you again for your enthusiastic way of teaching! You were tireless, even now when the lessons have already ended. They were also an inspiration with all the music examples you gave! (…) You've shown all the possibilities on guitar and that motivates me for the future to come. If you ever teach your Blues Workshop in the Netherlands ... please let me know!

Johan Van de Wiele (Maldegem)

“I've learned a lot from your lessons, especially the alternate chords in the blues songs you teached us. I will definitely be able to boost my level with this. I also found the scales very interesting and useful (even though I almost exclusively play rhythm guitar). Thanks again for the lessons!”


Choose how you want to learn:


Weekly class

If you choose the weekly course, you'll have a lesson of 1 hour every week at the same time. You can choose between group or private lessons.

You in advance for the lessons you'll take (per month). And only for those lessons: you do not have to register for a semester or an entire school year. You can also register any time of the year.


5 or 10 lessons

The ideal option for those who are unable to take lessons every week. With a 5- or 10-lesson card, you choose yourself when you want to schedule a lesson.

You get a 1 hour lesson and these are always private. Your 10-lesson-card is valid for one year and you pay before the start of the first lesson. Your 5-lesson-card is valid for half a year. More information and rates can be requested here.



Too far away for weekly lessons in Adegem? Sign up here for lessons via skype. Just like the regular course, you can choose for weekly lessons or a prepaid lesson card. A lesson lasts 1 hour and is always private. You will receive the course material by email. 



In addition to the regular classes, workshops are also regularly scheduled. Keep an eye on this site or register for our newsletter and be the first to receive new dates!
Good to know: you do not pay any registration fees at POORTER.
You only pay for the lessons you take,
monthly or with a lesson card.

Want to know more?

Before registering, you probably want to know:

1. if the lessons are really your thing

2. how we teach

3 how much a lesson costs

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  • WHO

    De lessen worden gegeven door mijzelf, Tom De Poorter.  MUSICIAN op gitaar maar ook op andere snaarinstrumenten zoals banjo, mandoline en ukulele. Ik ben gepassioneerd door rootsmuziek (swing jazz, manouche, blues en country) and I play in different bands like Little Kim & the Alley Apple 3, LENA, The Rusty Zippers, …

  • WHAT

    At POORTER you can learn how to play the guitar, at all levels. In addition, lessons in mandolin, banjo and ukulele are also possible. Currently only as private lessons, but eventually also via workshops and as a series of lessons in group. Click Here for more information!

  • Where

    The lessons take place in het Meetjesland, in Adegem (part of Maldegem). This is located between Ghent and Bruges and a stone's throw away from the Dutch border. Contact us for the precise address.

  • When

    You can register all year round. You decide when you want to start, so you really don't have to wait until the start of a new semester or school year.

    If you choose the weekly classes , then you get a 1 hour lesson every week at a fixed moment. If you decide to buy a lesson card ... you can choose yourself when you want to take up a lesson.